ROI Water is the world’s most magnesium rich mineral water, originating from the springs of Rogaška Slatina in Slovenia. Its high content of magnesium, helps ensure rehydration and replenishment of the minerals excreted by the kidneys during drinking. In addition to assisting weight-control by ensuring the right pH balance and replenishment of lost minerals. These are some of the many benefits ROI Water offers, with magnesium being responsible for more than 300 processes in the human body and as a result. An essential mineral nutrient for life. 


  • 55 AED - 250 ml

    55 AED - 250 ml

    SKU: 121

    AED 660.00

    Minimum order contains one box of 12 Bottles.

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  • 88 AED - 500 ml

    88 AED - 500 ml

    SKU: 122

    AED 528.00

    Minimum order contains one box of 6 Bottles. 

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  • Bundle for 1 Month

    Bundle for 1 Month

    SKU: 124

    AED 1650.00

    One box of 250ml and two boxes of 500ml.         

    This bundle provides you with the recommended daily intake for the duration of a month.

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